POOL Manager, Asst. Manager, and Guards


Plymouth Pool


Position Objectives

Pool Manager


Managers are responsible for all of the requirements listed for lifeguards as well as assigning and overseeing other pool staff. As the person in charge of their facilities operation, it is very important that a manager sets a good example for the staff and patrons. People look to the Manager for answers and direction.


The Manager may have all of the following extra duties:

  • Following proper procedures concerning money handling

  • Complete and submit paperwork

  • Pick up any needed supplies

  • Conduct any necessary training

  • Fill out daily checklists

  • Account for all pool keys

The Manager will communicate closely with the Administrator and/or any appointed supervisors.


Head Guard (Assistant Manager)


Head Guards are responsible for all of the requirements listed for lifeguards and more. A Head Guard reports directly to the facility Manager and assists the Manager in everyday duties including coordinating rotation, checking and maintaining proper chemical readings and enforcing company and pool rules. Head Guards may rotate positions with the lifeguards, or they may be required to assist the Manager in the concession stand.





General Purpose:

  • Performs routine public contact and safety work in teaching swimming lessons and serving as a pool lifeguard

Supervision Received:

  • Works under the general supervision of the Village Administrator and Pool Manager

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Teaches swimming lessons according to a prescribed routine and curriculum

  • Monitors the use of the swimming pool

  • Performs a variety of miscellaneous duties such as answering phones, running errands, picking up supplies needed for activities, conducting classes, selling passes, collecting fees, helping set up for classes, events, etc.

  • Responds to public inquiries about aquatics programs made by telephone, correspondence, or during public meetings

  • Maintains related records and statistics

  • Assists in the maintenance of the swimming pool; monitors and maintains pool filtration system; monitors pool water chemistry through testing of water samples

Education and Experience:

  • Must be at least a junior or senior of good standing in high school

Necessary Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Working knowledge of the equipment, facilities, operations, and techniques used

  • Skill in operation of listed tools and equipment

  • Skill in First Aid and CPR

  • Ability to effectively teach swimming lesson

  • Ability to effectively enforce safety and health regulations

  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, supervisors, participants, instructors, and the general public

  • Ability to communicate effectively orally

  • Ability to give and understand oral instructions

 Special Requirements

  • Must be certified in lifeguarding program (American Red Cross/YMCA) or Lifeguard Today, First Aid and CPR certification or something equal to or better than the above certifications