2024 Collection Dates

Rumpke is the provider of Village garbage collection. 

They request the following cooperation to provide you quality service:

1. Trash should be placed within 4 feet of the curb.

2. Cans or bags may not exceed 50 pounds.

3. Trash should be put out by midnight the night before your trash pick up day.

4. Please call their office prior to your pick up day for large or unusual items.

5. For yard waste or recycling service, call their office.

6. For temporary dumpsters, please call their office.

The office number is 1-800-686-4085 or 419-747-6900


Trash pick up dates for 2024

Garbage is collected every Tuesday except for the following dates in 2024:

The week of May 27th, 2024 - Memorial Day
*   Trash collection will be on Wednesday.

The week of September 2nd, 2024 - Labor Day
*   Trash collection will be on Wednesday



Additional Item Pickup Costs

Cost of Additional Items is as Follows:

Air Conditioner- $15                             

Box Springs- $10

Bulk Pickup- $50 minimum                   

Carpet- (3) 4' Rolls Tied- $15

Couch- $20                                             

Dryer- $15

Dishwasher- $15                                     

Freezer/ Fridge- $25                               

Large Truck Tire- $18 Each

Love Seat- $15                                       

Mattress- Full/Twin- $10

Mattress- Queen/King- $15                   

Microwave- $5

Passenger Car Tire- $13.50 ea.              

Stove- $20

Stuffed Chair- $10                                 

Television- $20 / $25

Toilet- $10                                             

Tub- $20

Water Heater- $15                                  

Washer- $20